Design Build

Composite Framing Systems provides Design-Build Structural services tothe real estate and construction industries.


  • Value engineering
  • Shop engineering and steel fabrication
  • Conceptual design
  • Bearing wall with composite concrete floors
  • Exit stair design and erection
  • Structural working drawings

CFS Inc. utilizes Foam Core/Concrete Veneer Bearing (FC/CV) walls with composite concrete floors in all their projects.

If requested, CFS will integrate cold formed steel bearing wall assemblies to offer the advantages of all materials to the end user.

Typical Developments Include:

  • 3 to 10 level residential/commercial buildings
  • Retirement communities
  • Assisted care communities
  • Hotels
  • College residential dormitories
  • Mixed use commercial
  • Type of Construction—I-B per IBC 2006 (2 hour non-combustible)

Design Services

Scope of Services

  • Engineering
    • Design Services
      • Design Development—Bearing Wall Framing—Composite Concrete Floors
      • Optimize design with Engineer of Record
      • Design Build CFS Inc. structural systems
    • Engineered Services
      • Non-bearing light gauge wall systems
      • Composite joist/deck systems
      • Coordination of all M/E/P trades
      • Foam Core/Concrete Veneer Bearing Walls
  • Fabrication Capabilities—Construction Management
    • Light gauge wall systems
    • Structural steel
    • CFS composite floor joists
    • Light gauge roof trusses
    • CFS "T" rafter composite roof joists
  • Construction Services
    • Structural Services
      • Steel erection
      • Bearing Wall erection
      • Joist/deck erection
      • Concrete floor on composite joists
      • Roof truss erection
  • Additional Framing Services—Construction Management
    • Interior non-bearing partition framing
    • Cabinet blocking
    • Window/exterior door installation
    • Drywall installation


  • All components are non-combustible steel and concrete.
  • EPS foam is totally encapsulated within the concrete or gypsum board assembly.
  • Bearing walls can also serve as full length shear walls.
  • The concrete veneer application using traditional shotcrete equipment and methods will encase and bond all the framing components together.
  • Fire ratings of walls and roof will exceed 2-hour ratings.
  • All the framing components are recycled building materials.
  • Meets all the structural and acoustical building codes.
  • Energy efficient: The design meets all the current California energy codes.
  • The BTI exterior coasting provides the reflectivity of the sun's heat rays and therefore reduces heat gain. The coating also serves as the sealant for water intrusion for both the roof and walls.
  • The roof design with the stamped concrete 2.5 +/- inch thick concrete eliminates the need to attach any roof tiles.
  • Speed of Construction.
  • No Termites
  • Coordination for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing trades.
  • Provides for straight walls, square corners, and allows for doors and windows to open and close properly.
  • Lower probability of foundation problems.

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